eTargetMedia Announces Email and Postal Mail Campaigns Can Work Together to Increase ROI and Maximize Results

eTargetMedia, a leading provider of Email Lists, Postal Lists, Data Append and Creative Solutions announced that email marketing and direct mail campaigns can work together to produce a high ROI as well as increased leads, sales and conversions. Email marketing is the top digital marketing channel, producing the highest median ROI at 122%, according to eMarketer and email also has the highest customer acquisition and retention rates but direct mail also has the potential to deliver leads, sales and a high return on investment when combined with a strategic and targeted email marketing campaign.

According to the DMA, the spend on direct mail is up as marketers are coming to the realization that integrating a direct mail campaign with an email and digital marketing strategy can help a company’s overall marketing efforts succeed even further. Marketing campaigns that integrate direct mail with one or more digital media can experience a 118% lift in response rate compared to using direct mail only and can engage customers more. Direct mail makes an impact because it offers a tangible experience but the most successful marketing campaigns deliver multiple exposures to the same messaging in a wide variety of channels, so the direct mail strategy can reinforce a digital strategy and vice versa.

“Brands should integrate the same content within their email and postal campaigns, so the messaging resonates with the customer across all digital and traditional channels, keeping the customer engaged throughout the campaign,” stated Harris Kreichman, Managing Partner of eTargetMedia.

Combined correctly, direct mail and email can work together to get the right message in front of prospects and move customers through the pipeline. Some strategies that can help email and direct mail work together include using direct mail to connect with email non-responders, using direct mail to prospect customers and then following up with an email, and injecting direct mail into automated email campaigns which could include sending a postcard or mailer to a prospect after an email results in a landing page sign up, download or sale.

eTargetMedia has 25 years of experience in the industry and has built successful email and direct mail campaigns for some of the top brands in the world including Mercedes Benz, Alcon, MetLife, Marriott, AARP, P&G, TGI Fridays, Anthem, Sony and more. eTargetMedia’s leading edge technology, smart and dedicated campaign managers and high-quality database comprised of responsive prospects can help companies improve their campaigns, generate revenue, increase brand loyalty and build strong relationships with customers.

eTargetMedia, based in South Florida, provides Email Lists, Postal Lists, Data Append and Creative Solutions to a wide variety of direct marketing customers. eTargetMedia is a member of the Direct Marketing Association. Visit eTargetMedia online at

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